New Study: Plastic Contamination Has Compromised Global Food Chain

A new study from the Medical University of Vienna has found the remains of undigestible micro-plastics in the stool samples and digestive tracks of participants from 8 countries across Europe and Greater Asia, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, Austria, Russia and Japan – among others. According to researchers, sea-food consumption and the way that meats and food products are physically packaged/sealed are the primary culprits behind human plastic contamination. Though researches indicated that airborne plastic particles could also be to blame.

While the study was limited, researches found that 100% of the participants from all 8 countries tested positive for micro-plastics in their gastrointestinal tracks, and estimate that nearly 50% of the worlds population is currently consuming plastic contaminated food. While researchers did find 9 different types of plastic inside peoples systems, the plastic from soda/water bottle caps and the bottles themselves were the two most prevalent, or appeared in the highest concentrations inside the human body.

Full Study:

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