Russia Begins Fining Google for Failing To Respect National Blacklist Rules

This past week, the Russian Federation announced it would be fining American tech giant Google for failing to respect and adhere to Russian law, prohibiting search engines operating inside the country from linking to sites on Russia’s National blacklist. Among others, this includes linking to various state-run and international human rights organizations, as well as different internet security companies – such as VPN service providers.

While the specific websites in question were not publicly listed, according to a press release from the RKN, a Russian based telecommunications watchdog, Google will face an initial fine of $7,600 to 10,600 and Russian authorities have given the company a grace period of 30 days to begin complying with Russian Law, or risk further punishment.

Поисковик по требованию Роскомнадзора в течение 30 дней должен подключиться к федеральной государственной информационной системе, содержащей перечень запрещенных интернет-ресурсов (ФГИС). По истечении трех рабочих дней поисковая система должна начать фильтровать результаты поиска,” notes RKN. “За неисполнение этих требований для юридических лиц предусмотрена административная ответственность – штраф в размере от 500 до 700 тыс. рублей.

According to the report, Roskomnadzor, Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Mediahas already made several requests for Google to start connecting to Russian Federal information systems, but the company has either failed or refuses to do so. 


The search engine at the request of Roskomnadzor within 30 days must connect to the federal state information system containing the list of prohibited Internet resources (FGIS). After three business days, the search engine should start filtering the search results.

For non-compliance with these requirements, administrative liability is provided for legal entities – a fine of between 500 and 700 thousand rubles.

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