Twitter Begins Purge of Anonymous Accounts

Breaking today, October 27th 2018, Twitter has begun suspending some of the most active and prominent accounts associated with the Anonymous Hacker Collective and its members/followers. At the present moment in time, roughly 4:20 EST, as was first brought to my attention by LorianSynaro, the accounts belonging to have all been suspended.

Perhaps even more worrisome, members of Anonymous have also reported that content and links associated with the upcoming November 5th Million Mask March have also been taken down/censored by services such as Pastebin over recent days just as well. At the present moment in time it remains unknown if today’s account suspensions were an isolated incident or part of a much larger crackdown against Anonymous. Nor do we know what went into Twitters decision to begin closing these accounts in the first place. For now, it is advised that all active members of Anonymous create backup accounts and save their followers list, contacts and messages if they have not done so already.

Rogue Media Labs is currently investigating the situation, and has formally asked both Twitter press offices via email ( and Twitter Support via direct message for a response to today’s closings, as well as their logic/rationale for making this decision. More specifically, Twitter was asked “Why did choose today of all days to close those accounts? What went into Twitters decision to close these accounts? Considering many of these accounts have been active for years, was there a recent change to your policies to spurn this action/decision? Were there more accounts suspended not listed above? Was today’s suspensions part of a much larger/broader crackdown against Anonymous and their accounts? Any other comments or context about today’s events?” For now, Twitter has declined comment on the matter.

The Twitter service has had no bigger supporter over the years than Anonymous, and Twitter currently hosts the largest and most diverse congregations of Anonymous at the same time. Rest assured, if these suspensions are part of a much broader effort or crackdown, the news will not be taken lightly.

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