+85 Million More Voting Records Found for Sale On DarkNet

A new research report from Carbon Black has found another 81,534,624 voting records for sale on the DarkNet across 20 different US States. It is important to note that the data breaches discovered this week are not the same or repeats of voting records discovered earlier this month by researchers at Anomali, whom found over 35 million records for sale across 19 US States. Included in the records discovered by Carbon Black this week are sensitive information such as full voter IDs, full names, current and previous physical addresses, gender, phone number and citizenship status.

Included in the States compromised this time are Alabama (132,788), Alaska (487,415), Arkansas (1,700,000), Colorado (3,500,000), Connecticut (2,300,000), Delaware (645,327), Florida (12,500,000), Georgia (6,600,000), Michigan (7,400,000),Nevada (1,160,000), New Jersey (5,500,000), New York (15,000,000), North Carolina (7,400,000), Ohio (7,900,000), Oklahoma (2,158,000), Pennsylvania (620,201), Rhode Island (740,049), Texas (657,695), Utah (731,639), Washington (4,400,000). At the present moment in time it is not known whom was behind the attacks/leak, or whom the seller of the documents actually is.

With that said however, the 2nd half of Carbon Blacks report analyzed 113 different cyber attacks against US servers/businesses throughout the third quarter of 2018 alone. What they found was that nearly half of them, 47% to be exact, originated out of China and Russia alone. For the purposes of the study, Carbon Black also interviewed several major US Companies whom had also come under attack within recent months, what they found was that nearly all of the attacks traced back to the same base countries. For example, 68% of respondents said they experienced cyber attacks from China, 59% experiences attacks from Russia, 49% from North America, 30% from Iran, 24% from North Korea, 24% from Brasil, and 19% reported they lacked the ability to adequately trace attacks launched against them.

Full Research Report from Carbon Black:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/carbon-black-quarterly-incident-response-threat-report-november-2018.pdf”%5D

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