France Issues Arrest Warrants for Senior Level Officials of Assad Regime In Syria

The other week when President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt was visiting the United Nations Headquarters in New York City I called and sent messages to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Police (INTERPOL) in Lyon, France asking if there had ever been an arrest warrant issued in his name. I asked this because I was seriously considering taking matters into my own hands by placing Sisi under citizens arrest if I had ever managed to get close enough to him. It wasn’t necessarily a joke either, I even managed to get the United Nations to email the itinerary various speeches at the Nelson Mandela Summit on September 24th, 2018, and had been researching how to get a press pass in order to get inside the facility.

At this point in time it is an indisputable fact that President Sisi is guilty of various War Crimes and crimes against humanity, including genocide, torture, forced disappearances, murder or conspiracy to commit murder. To me it just didn’t make sense that anyone responsible for acts like this would be able to walk the streets of New York a free man, whilst simultaneous dinning/sleeping at 5 star hotels. I refuse to stand for that.

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Now, I know full well that placing Sisi under citizens arrest would have never worked or sticked, and that I probably would have been shot dead by the NYPD or Sisi’s guard detail if I ever tried it – but that was never the point. What I did and said was a political gesture meant to get the worlds attention and force people to think differently about these types of situations headed into the future. My statements to INTERPOL and the ICC also weren’t even limited to Sisi either. For example, I also inquired about arrest warrants for Bashar al-Assad as well, asking what their policy was for dealing with men like him. How could men like this not have a single arrest warrant out in their name, how come they are not arrested the second they step outside their county and onto foreign soil I wondered? So I asked international authorities those very questions.

I bring this up because I’m finding one headline in the news this morning particularly interesting. This would be the news that, on November 5th 2018, French authorities have officially issued international arrest warrants out in the name of various high ranking officials serving the Assad regime in Syria, including Syria’s National Security Bureau director Ali Mamluk,  as well as Jamil Hassan, head of the Syrian air force’s intelligence agency, and Abdel Salam Mahmoud, head of Syria’s air force intelligence’s investigative branch.

According to reports, they are being charged with “complicity in acts of torture, complicity in crimes against humanity and complicity in war crimes” – literally the exact the same charges I first brought up in my original emails to French authorities. Moreover, even through the warrants were first released to the public today, November 5th 2018, they were actually issued on October 8th 2018 – two weeks after my initial emails and phone calls. Coincidence? You tell me….  #VigilanteLife 😉


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