Pro-Israeli Hackers Launch Cyber Attacks Against International Banking Institutions

A sub-division of Anonymous going by the name of “PinkiHacks” has began launching several attacks against ‘Arab’ owned/operated banks and websites, managing to hack and allegedly steal the login credentials tied to various web databases. The hacks are said to have been launched in conjunction with #OpIslam, a pro-Israel campaign designed to combat the spread of religious extremism – though many members of Anonymous call #OpIslam an extremist pro-Israel operation in its own right.

** This is also not to be confused with a different #OpIslam, an Anonymous operation designed to educate the international public about the common misconceptions surrounding the religion of Islam and its practitioners. **

To date, PinkiHacks have targeted Tabarak Investment Bank in the United Arab Emirates and NRIBanks, an Indian based investment firm, as well as the website of – an Arabic based education website. On several postings available on Twitter, the group claims to have leaked the login credentials belonging to website administrators at both both banking institutions. Over recent weeks PinkiHacks is also known to have targeted various universities throughout India, including launching attacks against Kongunadu College, the Symbiosis Centre for International Education, Gauhati University, KTHM College and many more.

As of November 6th 2016, Rogue Security Labs has made the banks in question aware of the hacks/leaks, and has officially reported the extremist accounts for deletion. All readers of this article are advised to do the same, this world and Anonymous has no room for hate and religious extremism.

** UPDATE 11/10/2018: PinkiHacks original Twitter feed has officially been shut down – #TangoDown – and in a statement to Rogue media Labs has announced they no longer affiliate with the group known as Anonymous. **

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