Op-Ed: Why I’ve Stopped Covering US Politics

Granted the overall theme or direction I ultimately hope to take this website and its content hasn’t exactly been decided yet, I just cant bring myself to cover US politics at the present moment in time. I just cant think of anything more pointless or tiresome. You want a quick horoscope of the next two years to come? There will be endless gridlock, again. Democrats wont let Republicans in the House draft any new laws, Republicans in the Senate wont pass any new bills drafted by Democrats in the House, resulting in Donald Trump writing more Executive Orders than you can shake a “Big Stick” at. All the while, there will be endless legal battles/Supreme Court trials resulting from these same Executive Orders. On top of this, our countries National Debt will only continue to soar beyond crippling levels as we continue to increase funding to our Nations military, empowering them to wage War all around the planet while blowing up more and more brown people. So, there you have it, the state of US politics 2018-2021 in a nutshell – welcome to America.

I already know what this is all going to look like too by the way. After-all, I was a content specialist at the full height of the “Fake News fiasco” and “Russian propaganda” nonsense. You best believe if there is a way to spin a story, I know how to spin it. The main stream “Liberal Media” is going to jump over every new bill the Democrats draft, telling you why/how it is greatest or biggest thing since sliced bread, knowing full well those same bills are never actually going to be passed into law by Republicans in the Senate. They are going to tell you all about how the Democrats are standing up to Trump, trying to progress this nation forward and pass bold new initiatives to help the country. Then, once those same bills/laws are inevitably voted down, the press will draft new stories telling you all about how those stubborn conservatives are only working to hold this country back, how it is there fault nothing is getting done and that the Republicans are just trying to defend Trumps legacy/vision for this country.

As for the Republicans, they are just going to sit back and watch it all unfold – all while preparing the Republican National Committee (RNC) for re-elections. They are going to tell you how speaker Pelosi is too “extreme” to be a competent leader, how every bill being drafted by the Democrats is so far “Left” that Republicans cant help but vote it down. They are going to tell you how the Democrats refuse to negotiate or work with anyone to get anything done, all while they try to spend more money than we already have. This will also be by design too, the Republicans know full well that nothing actually has to get done, because Republicans already own the Presidency and have full control over the Supreme Court. In 2020 Republicans can look back at the last two years and say look! The Democrats had full control over the House of Representatives and didn’t pass a single law into existence!! Is this really the group of dysfunctional “leaders” you want to pass control of this country over to in the future?

Therefore, I don’t have to write a single article relating to US politics if I don’t want to, I just covered every article you are going to read for the next two years in less than 600 words. Of course, this isn’t going to stop the US media from writing it on there end. After-all, websites like The Washington Post, New York Times, Breitbart and Fox News all get paid for every single article they produce – why do you think they write so damn many of them?

Moreover, as a small time publisher it would be pointless trying to cover US politics independently, that isn’t what the American peoples want anyways. I’ve been there and done that, independently covering US politics for my last website only succeeded in bankrupting me completely – wont be making that same mistake again. It is no wonder why sites/papers like the Times and Fox News get so many regular readers, because people know exactly what they are going to be getting every time they go there. Want to hear about how Trump is the biggest US Patriot/hero since George Washington? Turn on Fox News or read Breitbart. Want to hear about how Trump is the biggest bigot in history and a disgrace to this Nation? Turn on CNN or read The Guardian. Trust me, it never fails.

The fact of the matter is that the US public, and most people in general for that matter, aren’t interested in putting in the time or effort to learn something new or challenge their own convictions/ideals – they only want to reinforce what’s already in their minds. People read papers like The Guardian or Breitbart for a reason, because they already know exactly what they are going to be seeing/hearing every time they visit. Every single “News” story these outlets produce is going to tell their  readers exactly what their readers want(ed) to hear going in. This is exactly why/how these outlets develop such rabid fan bases in the first place. With the attention span of the average citizen in our society rivaling that of a Goldfish, in our “busy” day in age, with the print industry slowly but surely dying, almost no one feels like they have the time to sit down and read story after story or article after article anymore, never-mind potentially reading something they aren’t going to agree with. This is also why attempting to develop or create an independent news/print media outlet covering US politics is nothing more than “fools errand” in 2018. Consequentially enough, this is also why I envision myself staying as far away from US politics as humanly possible – at least until mid to late 2020, that is…… 😉

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