Cuban Chamber of Commerce Hacked, System Vulnerabilities Leaked Online

As was first reported by Defcon Lab on November 12th 2018, in conjunction with #OpVenezuala, a hacker going by the name of the_ratattack2.0, also a Venezuelan native, has managed to hack into and compromise the information systems/servers belonging to Cuba’s Financial Management of the State (SIGFE). According to RatAttack 2.0, the leak provided below allows for direct access to the budget execution system of the State run Chamber of Commerce of the Cuban regime.

More specifically, the leak provided below contains the “Resource vulnerability by get protocol, Parameter Qform__FormState protocol POST, Parameter item GET protocol, Three (3) session cookies captured, a Shell Injection protocol GET and Two (2) SQL Injection, GET protocol both. As well as some already deciphered information found in the system on the conformation of the SIGFE system.

Target: hxxp://
Full Leak (Spanish):

In a message to the public, RatAttack 2.0 stated:

Hello to all who read and follow my work closely. In this opportunity I make you participate in the successful final result of the work done on one of the safest platforms in the world, a country whose dictatorship and communist system has hijacked all the freedoms in our country.

Through the following work I have managed to penetrate the security systems of the Cuban high government, through its platform of the CUBAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Until it reaches full control of the Information System for the Financial Management of the State (SIGFE) that allows the capture, processing and exhibition of the Budgetary Execution of all institutions of the Cuban Regime.

Through it I have obtained the capture of an invaluable material, referring to the transactions that said communist regime has received from his puppets Maduro and Chavez, as well as also by the time this is published said system would be inoperative in its entirety.

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