Israeli Lobby Launches Online Campaign To Rally Support for Gaza Bombings

In response to the recent waves of death and destruction being dished out by Israeli forces in Gaza, the international Israeli lobby is attempting to launch an online campaign designed to organize support on behalf of the Israeli Government. Officially entitled #IsraelUnderFire and launched by activists working at, the operation asks citizens around the world to like, comment on and/or share any blog posts, articles or social media comments pertaining to the current state of affairs inside Gaza – mainly the air strikes of the last few days.

Organizers have sent out mail letters and emails en masse throughout various online channels, outlets and forums, asking all whom support Israel “to take action against anti-Israeli comments by supporting pro-Israeli comments” through likes, shares and supportive comments. In doing so, the Israeli lobby hopes to ensure that all of the “top comments” being read by independent social media users worldwide reflects a positive outlook on Israel and their current military operation. In doing so, they hope to leverage the international conversation/outlook in a decidedly pro-Israeli direction. has informed Israeli supporters to focus on all of the worlds most popular news services and social feeds, including the New York Times, NBC News, ABC News, Sputnik, Middle East Eye, Al Jazeera, CBS Morning News, 24France, the British Broadcasting System, Reuters, Washington Post, Associated Press and many more. In the picture provided below, you can see a small screen shot of the message/operation being distributed across the web.

For Example:

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In the past Israel has accused Hamas and the Palestinian people of waging “propaganda Wars,” mainly surrounding the 2014 Gaza conflict, which saw the deaths of over 2,200 Palestinians, including +1,500 civilians – but only 64 Israeli soldiers. This is also why Israel is now doing what they are doing today, attempting to wage a propaganda War in their own right. However, it is important to see this information and the conflict for what it really is, and understand the real dynamics at play here. All Palestinians did in 2014 was release video documentaries of bomb sites and dead bodies, which obviously painted the whole affair in a decidedly negative light – something Israel never appreciated. But releasing these videos/images online is the only resources or weapons these people had to fight with at the time, which is exactly why they used them.

For example, in 2014 and on through today, it is very true that Hamas has launched thousands of “rockets” into Israel, and Israel has retaliated with “rockets” of their own. However, Palestinians are so poor and impoverished that they are essentially launching improvised versions of “fireworks.” Israel on the other hand has the worlds most advanced and sophisticated laser guided “missile” systems, including but not limited to the Iron Dome. So, technically speaking you can say that both sides are “launching rockets” at one another, but do not ever make the mistake of thinking this is an accurate depiction of what is really going on here.

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If you need any more proof , have an active look at Israeli’s “Iron Dome” at work taking down those same Palestinian ‘rockets’ in mid flight…..

If you still need any more evidence as of the one sided-ness of the Israeli-Gaza conflict, below you will find a brief video documenting the area of Gaza pre-2014 and post. After watching it, you should also know that to this very day Gaza remains under military blockade by Israel, so no construction materials or relief has ever been able to find its way in to fix or repair damages/neighborhoods. While I am at it, you should also know that to this very day, Israel and the US have banned United Nations investigators from entering into and conducting investigations into War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed by Israeli forces in 2014. Among other things, this includes the use of White Phosphorus against civilian populations and the deaths of close to 500 children.

So, are you dumb enough to call this all just “propaganda” too, as the Israelite’s would like you to believe? Or do you now see how messed up a state of affairs this whole conflict is? There is a reason Israel does not want footage of Gaza being released to the public, there is a reason Israel bans international investigators and there is a reason why Israel is waging a new  informational warfare campaign in 2018. This is also why it is more important than ever to fight fire with fire; fight information with information.

This is why I am calling on all readers of this article and every online activists out there do exactly what Israel is attempting to do online, only for Palestine. Go to each of the largest corporate news websites, talk about the Palestinian conflict, leave your comments and show the world this conflict for what it really is, show/tell them what is really going on here. Take action against anti-Palestinian rhetoric, show your support of the oppressed people of Palestine and report extremist Israeli comments/content online. Support others taking action by liking their comments and sharing/re-distributing their material. The more people get engaged the more we can educate the world, the bigger a different we can make. #FreePalestine #GazaUnderFire #ZionismIsBlasphemy

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