New Hacking Group Going by The Name of NoExistes Claims Responsibility for Nov. 12 Facebook Outage

A new Chilean based hacking group going by the name “NoExistes” has claimed responsibility for a number of hacks, leaks and DDoS attacks this week, including the brief Facebook outage experienced on November 12th 2018. In a string of leaks dumped online over the course of the last 24 hours, the group, whom appeared on Twitter for the first time in late August 2018, claims to have hacked servers belonging to Servipag, a Chilean based online banking/monetary transferring firm, Sernapesca, Chile’s National Fish & Water Conservation Agency, as well as Redbanc, an interbank network connecting ATM’s across Chile.

As proof, the hackers have leaked access to 3 different databases belonging to these services/agencies on Ghostbin. The group also claims to be in possession a brand new DDoS tool they have dubbed the “Kymera Stressor,” allegedly used to briefly shut down Facebook worldwide earlier this week – though it should be noted this claim is essentially impossible to prove/validate. Rogue Media Labs has reached out to NoExistes for comments on the incidents below, but to date the group has declined comment. Upon investigation however, the group appears to be extremely advanced coders, with the ability to string code across different/separate Twitter postings. For example, in the Tweets embedded below and on their own page, you can notice different lines of coding streaking across one Twitter posting to another. These are skills that not every ordinary hacker/coder possesses.

Redbanc Leak:

hostname: R_4140
enable secret: 5 $1$5TdM$TKnveYOeOrB7TthZbDCS8

Sernapesca Leak:

hostname: SERNAPES
boot-start-marker boot-end-marker

enable secret: 5 $1$k4Yk$tfIhLbSTUtLHeXdLlW2RW0

Servipag Leak:

sysname: Servipag_Estado_43
super password level 3 cipher: T9’X:H0IG!P)`M34.L21#!!!


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