New Study: 63% of IT Security Professionals Believe our Elected Officials are Cyber Security Illiterate

A new study conducted by researchers at Venafi attempted to asses the level of competency industry insiders believe our elected officials serving in Government office posses when it comes to drafting, passing or enacting new cyber security laws/policies. According to Jeff Hudson, CEO of Venafi, “Over the last several months we’ve seen government officials from across the globe propose dangerous surveillance laws and protocols.” Protocols and initiatives which can, in theory, expose or compromise “all types of classified intelligence and other highly sensitive government data.This is exactly why researches wanted to observe the opinions/beliefs of active IT security professionals, to gauge whether or not they believe our Government and society is going in the right direction when it comes to National cyber security initiatives or policies.

To gather data, researches interviewed approximately 515 information technology (IT) employees at the August 2018 BlackHat Cyber Security Conference. By doing so, Venafi hopes to use the research to influence the actions of elected officials in the future, by providing them with an accurate depictions of today’s cyber security political landscape and showing them areas where they need to focus on or improve.

Key Findings from The Study:

  • 88% of Government officials believe that Government employees should be required to complete a basic cyber security training course, something they presently do not.
  • 66% of IT professionals believe that the Government officials should not be allowed to access the encrypted data of their customers, and companies should not be required to install back-doors to bypass encryption on their products – something Jeff Sessions and the DoJ currently mandates.
  • 65% of the professionals surveyed stated that allowing back-doors to encrypted data, such as is the case with election data, only serves to make said elections themselves less safe – only 16% said they thought it would make elections safer.
  • 63% stated that they do not believe our Government officials understand the basic fundamentals or risks/vulnerabilities effecting our Nations digital infrastructure.
  •  67% stated that they do not believe our Government officials understand the basic fundamentals or risks/vulnerabilities targeting our Nations physical infrastructure.

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