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I am not trying to make this my mission statement 2.0, but people are starting to ask why I keep jumping from cyber security and hacking to human rights and War so often with my material? The answer is I don’t really know, I don’t necessarily have a “plan” when I wake up every morning. When I see something I want to write about or care about, I write about it – it’s as simple as that, really. Vladimir Putin once said that hackers are like “artists,” they might simply wake up one morning and decide to make, create or do something beautiful. There’s really no more logic to it than that. Just as with the mind of any great artist, the creative process is entirely outside of their control and can not be predicted.

I named this website Rogue Media Labs for a reason, not just because it’s a play off my security company, Rogue Security Labs, but also because I am attempting to do something new here – something that no one has ever seen before. From writing articles in mixed languages, to publishing leaks, to color, theme and design, to embedded Tweets, videos and pdf’s, I am attempting to write articles and make content that no one has ever seen/read before. In this way, my website serves as my own personal “Laboratory,” where I “Frankenstein” different ideas/pieces of information together to make truly unique content. That’s my primary objective here, to do/accomplish things that no one else can.

I am also attempting to turn my website into a catalog or encyclopedia of sorts, something that I can look back on and draw off of at a later date in time – say 2019-2021, when the US Presidential election is sure to kick off the next global media boom/frenzy. I have absolutely no “goals” for this website in 2018, necessarily, I am simply attempting to build a brand, develop a following/reputation and keep steadily pumping out content. Over the course of the next 1-2 years, I want to establish myself as a credible/trustworthy source of information that people want to go when the time really comes – when the time really matters. But this takes time, hard work, patience and perseverance – something I am willing to sacrifice to put in. I do not get paid to run this website, I alone am the editor, staff writer, researcher, proof reader, web designer, graphic designer, web security architect, social media coordinator, marketing director and SEO strategist. What you see on this website only costs me time and money, but I love doing it – so whatever.

I am also developing this website in an attempt to put Anonymous back on the map or back into the “mainstream“- so to speak. Call me sentimental, but I only got a start in this industry/business because someone in Anonymous once gave me a chance, gave me a platform to speak my mind and to this day, I would be absolutely nothing without the help or assistance of the Anonymous Hacker Collective. Honestly, I don’t even know if I would still be alive without them. Even though I’ve now/since gone public, I still feel as though I owe Anonymous something, and have an unshakable bond with the group and their work.

I keep hearing people say “Anonymous is dead” and and for a while there, I kind of felt the same way too. However, now that I am starting to get back in the rhythm of producing/generating content again, I am blown away by what I am finding. Anonymous isn’t dead at all, it’s just more decentralized than ever before – something which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either. Say what you want about AnonHQ, it was still the single largest Anonymous news platform, hacking forum and online chat in the world – there’s no debating this. However, following its Blacklisting by Google and Facebook as “Russian Propaganda” though the PropOrNot List, even though the site had been dying for months/years at that point, when the site finally did shut down for good in the summer of 2018 no one had any place to go anymore, or any central point of contact – and no new or curious people were flowing into the group.

Sure we all still congregate in different places on Discord or the IRC, but Anonymous only moved to Discord in the first place because of AnonVoid. Without Void, no one on Discord would have the platform they do today – including Assange and Unity4J.  There are a lot of activists and hacktivists out there whom have either forgotten or don’t even realize that they owe AnonHQ everything.

But as I look around and start conducting more and more research, I am pleasantly finding Anonymous is alive and well. In fact, I’ve never seen as many new leaks coming out as I do today, and I’ve been in the trenches a while now. This is also why I am covering Anonymous so heavily for Rogue Media Labs. I look around at all of the “Legacy” hacking news publishers in 2018. Honestly, how much original content do you find on these sites any more, and how much of it is simply copy and pasted from other articles or websites – just using different words? How many of these hacking news websites even cover hacking events regularly anymore – let alone publishing leaks? Almost none. For better or worse, it appears as though, along with Anonymous, so too has the main steam hacking news industry slowly but surely started dying over the course of the last several years.

This is also something I want to change. This is why I remain unafraid to cover Anonymous and even less afraid to publish their leaks. Two months ago I told Unity4J that I was coming for Assange’s metaphorical throne, and I meant it. In doing so, I hope to cement myself atop the hacking news world over the course of the next 1-2 years, to become a source everyone wants to release their material to when the time is necessary – to create a news website no one has ever seen before and only report on truly unique content.

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