Anonymous Activist Publishes DDoS Tutorial Handbook

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Before getting into this article, please note that DDoS attacks are punishable under international law and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. In publishing this article, Rogue Security Labs does not endorse launching attacks against any entities, persons, individuals, corporations or websites – I am simply just reporting “the news.” I am covering this story because in all my years managing online chatroom’s and forums, I have never seen anything like this.

A few days ago I managed to stumble across an online tutorial written by an unknown member of Anonymous through the Pastebin web service, describing different means, methods, programs and scripts used to conduct DDoS attacks and take websites offline. In the links and downloads provided below, you will find instructions on how to carry about different attack methods/styles, including “DDoSim,” a layer 7 DDoS simulator, “Slowloris,” a bandwidth attack exploiting HTTP headers, “ApacheKiller,” a DoS program used to crash a web servers using their own stored memory, “perl for Windows,” a DDoS script used to flood open ports on Windows devices, “pyLoris,” a DoS tool used to launch attacks using SOCKS proxies and SSL connections, “hping,” a DoS packet generator and analyzer for the TCP/IP protocols on the Command line, and “TorShammer,” a popular DDoS tool written in Python.

Full (un-Edited) DDoS Tutorial Handbook:


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