New Study: Only 9% of Internet Users Still Use A Desktop Computer

Perhaps I find this latest study interesting because I am one of the 9%‘ers whom still uses a desktop computer for everyday use, or maybe I am just a nerd, but a new study by British based communications regulator Ofcom provides a unique insight into how people use the internet, as well as the devices/technology they use to access it. Compiled from interviews of thousands of individuals, researchers hoped to study how people access the internet, the type of technology they use to do so, as well as what they do on it once connected.

What Did They Find?:

  • 78% of respondents say they own an internet connected smartphone and 48% said their smartphone is the primary means through which they access or browse the internet on a daily basis.
  • 63% of respondents said they own a laptop and 24% of those surveyed said their laptops are the primary means through which they use/browse the internet.
  • 58% of those surveyed said that they own a tablet device and 15% said their tablets are the primary means through which they access the internet.
  • 42% of the population says they own a Smart TV
  • Only 28% of the population says they own a desktop computer anymore and only 9% of respondents said that desktops are the primarily means through which they access the internet.

Other Interesting Notes from The Study?:

  • 69% say they use the internet to generally search the web with no real direction or purpose. In order of priority or outcome, this includes emails, online shopping, online banking, social networks, instant messaging, news reading, and video streaming.
  • Interestingly enough, 45% of people said that they don’t have internet at home or in their apartments – only at work. Those same people said they don’t feel as though they need home internet either.
  • 17% of people said they refuse to buy or own a computer
  • 15% of people said that they do not know how to use or operate a computer
  • Desktop computer ownership rates seem to be falling at a rate of around 3% a year, whereas smart TV ownership rates continue to rise each year.
  • 14% said internet access was too expensive to install month after month
  • Another 14% claimed to be “too old” to use the internet – lol

Download Ofcom’s Full Report Here:

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