Op-Ed: The Arithmetic Behind Trumps Election & The Political Fallout Which Followed

As I start the process of building a new website to compete with the industry big dogs, starting roughly 5 months from today once the EU election season officially kicks off, I look back at this time two years ago and cant help but be blown away by how much this country has fallen off. What I mean to say is I cant believe how much time, focus, effort, money, resources and progress we’ve lost following the election of Donald Trump in 2016. I cant help but think, has Trumps election set this country back 2 years, 4 years? 8 years? I’m not sure, you tell me.

I mean think about it, just look at the Mueller investigation in conjunction with both the Senate and House’s investigations into Russian interference during the 2015- 2016 election season. Sitting here almost 2 years after the fact, have any of these investigations concluded – what have they even found? No, and almost next to nothing. Moreover, has anything even really resulted or changed as a result of them? No, not really. Sure Google and Facebook have changed some policies since then, but they are both private corporate entities. What does the US Government have to show for itself? Right off the bat that’s two years and literally hundreds of millions of dollars wasted, straight down the metaphorical drain.

Now think about the fact that this was 2 years worth of time, money and resources not spent focusing on immediate threats to this country in the here and now, nor what lies ahead in the future.

Some Arithmetic for You: 2 years of investigations + 2 years lost looking back in the rear view mirror at what hit us in 2015-2016 instead of preparing for the future = 4 years and hundreds of millions of dollars lost.

Moreover, if all of this nonsense continues into the 2020 election season, we will have essentially lost 8 years of progress. As I then put forward, the election of Donald Trump for just 1 term in office may have already single highhandedly set the United States of America backwards almost a full decade – exactly what “those Russians” were hoping for, wasn’t it? The butterfly effect from all of this has also begun to spread around the entire world as well. China remains unafraid to battle us in a trade War, the US dollar is inflating, US national debt is skyrocketing and some of our nations closest historical allies are blatantly ignoring US foreign policy decisions – such as is the case with the Iranian Nuclear Treaty, Paris Climate Agreement and international Cyber Security Guidelines. Moreover, with the Senate now controlled by Republicans and the House controlled by Democrats, the people of the United States are already gearing up for another 2 years of legislative “gird lock” – ensuring that once again, just as was the case from 2014-2016, nothing will ever get done in this country on a political level.

Breaking down the fallout a little further, back when I was writing for Bankrupt Medi4 in 2017 I remember covering a story about a press conference given by Senator Mark Warner (R, NC), in which he told an audience of reporters how he had just learned about the use of “bots” to spread political misinformation and fake news online leading up to the 2016 election season. I also remember being absolutely blown away by his press conference, not at the information he was explaining, but rather because Senator Warner had never heard of the term “botnet” before that week. Yet, this is the man whose leading the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian hacking? How the hell can someone whose never heard of a botnet possibly be chosen to lead an investigation into perhaps the single most advanced and sophisticated hacking operation of all time? What in the world made/makes him qualified for such an en-devour? Nothing.

The fact of the matter is that these investigations always have been and still remain an absolute joke, being led by men/women who are completely and utterly unqualified for their positions. Heading into 2019 now, why do you think nothing has gotten done and these are still ongoing with no end in site? While we are on the subject, look no further than Robert Mueller and this whole “Russian collusion” investigation. Has he ever been more “famous” than he is today? I mean think about it, in 2018 hes essentially become a household name in this country. On top of this, he’s also personally been given a budget of tens of millions with more political subpoena power than almost anyone else in this country not named Donald Trump. But what has his investigation even accomplished? Whats become of nearly 30 million dollars and years worth of investigation? A handful of small indictments that the President could pardon if he really wanted to? Even Mueller knows he can do nothing to touch President Trump, his primary target of the entire investigation in the first place. So what is he even still doing on Capitol Hill then?

The answer is that this is simply the American Oligarchy at play. The people who have power, remain in power. The people with power, only get more power. What incentive does Mueller have to end his investigation? He’s automatically funded, has millions of dollars, more power than he’s ever had at any other point in his career and he’s become a celebrity who makes the national headlines on a near nightly basis to boot. When this investigation is over Mueller is essentially retired, this will be last greatest thing he is ever going to do with his career. Why walk away if he doesn’t have to? So he doesn’t. What incentive does Burr have to say that he has no idea what the hell he’s investigating in the first place? He doesn’t, so he pretends to play along – so and so forth.

Unfortunately, even though we live in a ‘Democracy,‘ we are stuck with the people in power – whether we like it or not. So, here’s to another 2 years and hundreds of millions more dollars spent trying to figure out how the hell the Russians got the better of us 3 years ago. Well done America, who cares about the future anyways – right?

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