C2 Europe Hacked, Site Administrator Credentials Leaked Online

Late last night, November 29th 2018, the website belonging to Coating and Covering Magazine Europe (hxxp://c2-europe.eu) was hacked and access to the sites database was leaked online – including the log in credentials of 7 site administrators. “Major Ergo” of Pryzraky, a Brasilian based hacking group, has claimed responsibility for the hack, using the incident as an opportunity to raise awareness on behalf of #SaveYourInternet and  – a controversial new measure recently passed by the European Union earlier this month designed to help curb Copyright abuse.

However, while Article 13 may benefit some of the worlds top “legacy” publishers, it has sparked controversy amongst Anonymous and the the internet activism community at large over fears that it restricts the free flow of information across the internet. Which is, after-all, a free and public domain. Among other concerns, if taken literally as written, Article 13 could possibly impose fines for infractions as small as creating/sharing a meme featuring a picture that you didn’t personally make or take. You are invited to learn more about #DeleteArt13 through the hashtags and hyperlinks provided within this article.

Full Leak from Major Ergo: https://ghostbin.com/paste/2gp8j


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