European Commission – Covenant of Mayors Hacked, Confidential Information Leaked Online

Earlier today, December 1st 2018, Anonymous Italia, LulzSecITA and AntiSecITA announced the released a a major leak tied to databases associated with the European Commission and European Covenant of Mayors, dumping sensitive information such as full names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and encrypted passwords online. While there is no exact number listed, based on the screen shots of the databases linked below, it is clear that thousands of high ranking/prominent officials across Europe have been compromised by the breach – including Mayors, Councilors, Municipal Councilors, Executives, Directors and Senior Officials of Energy and Climate in both Italy and across Europe.

The hack itself was pulled off in conjunction with #OpGreenRights, an environmental awareness campaign launched on behalf of the Anonymous Hacker Collective. As for why the European Commission and Covenant of Mayors was targeted by the attack, it is because of these organizations close work with building new climate change initiatives and regulations throughout the future. Essentially, Anonymous wanted to send a message letting them know that they are being watched, and that placing corporate profit margins ahead of the Earths environment will not be tolerated. In a press release made available to the public earlier this morning, the hacktivists explained how “it is not our intention to dissolve or destroy this praiseworthy initiative (The Covenant of Mayer), but we will not let avarice and profits be once again placed before the environment.

Download Full Data Dump: Dump HTML – contacts- event_registrations:

Screen Shots of Leaked Data:

Raw Press Release from Anonymous Italia, LulzSecITA & AntisecITA (in Italian):

Translated Statement from The Hackers (English):

Hello Italy and the people of Europe, we are Anonymous Italia, LulzSecITA and AntisecITA. Today, as a result of our continuous research, we have decided to publish information about another mess that concerns not only Italy, but all of Europe.


“The Covenant of Mayors is the first and most ambitious initiative, launched by the European Commission, within the European Union, which involves local authorities as well as their citizens in the fight against global climate change.”

7,755 Signatories, 252,629,868 Inhabitants

Participating cities in the “Covenant of Mayors”:

The “Covenant of Mayors”, is entrusted to the management of external consultants, instead of the experts, already selected, and paid by Europe.
For example, the President of the Regione Crocetta, responsible not only for not having reversed the route drawn by the previous executive, will be allowed to open new markets in the Italian regions involved (such as Lazio, Campania, Basilicata, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily) and put them in the hands of foreign multinationals or large companies in Northern Italy.

However there is much doubt and speculation that business interests are behind the much vaunted “Covenant of Mayors”.

A project to use renewable energy in Italy that for years has been widely announced and often modified, interspersing with promises of recruitment of thousands of young people that contains interventions for the drafting of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (PAES) and energy audits, for technical assistance, to establish a Guarantee Fund for access to credit for the Esco (Energy Service Company).

Summing up, to be clear, Esco are companies which carry out interventions aimed at improving energy efficiency, taking it upon themselves to carry the full weight of developing and implementing these initiatives in place of state or local municipalities. 

Therefore, we (Italians) run the “risk” (as the multinationals want) of such a pyramidal management schemes wasting money, without the Administrations ability to produce the necessary actions to achieve European goals or objectives. Additionally, they only encourage the arrival of foreign Esco’s at the expense of Italian businesses, adversely effecting small and local companies, especially in the Southern region of Italy – particular in Sicily.

Given the size and scope of these initiatives the preparation of the European Union requires such expensive interventions which incidentally exclude, in fact, small and medium-sized local companies within individual countries, thus limiting these types of operations to large multinational corporations and industrial groups in Northern Italy.

Here you will find e-mails, passwords, addresses and telephone numbers, most of the Mayors, Councilors, Municipal Councilors, Executives, Directors and Senior Officials of Energy and Climate Italian and European, and many other prominent members of both European and World. It is not our intention to dissolve or destroy this praiseworthy initiative, but we will not let avarice and profits be once again placed before the environment.”

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forget
We do not forgive
Expect Us

Database & Tables:

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