Anonymous Continues to Mount Pressure On Joseph Kabila’s Government

I suppose this entire operation could be construed as attempting to interfere in another countries election, but since when has that ever stopped anyone – right Robert Mueller? On November 26th 2018, Rogue Media Labs reported how Anonymous had begun launching a series of attacks against the Government of Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of The Congo, calling on the President to ensure the country finally sees fair and open elections later this month, December 23rd 2018 -two years after they were originally scheduled to be held in the first place. What no one could have expected at the time however, was that this entire operation would go viral and become one of Anonymous’ largest operations to close out the year 2018.

In the two weeks since my last report, Anonymous hackers across the globe have launched a series of cyber attacks against the Government of Joseph Kabila, managing to hack some websites, deface others and/or take them down via coordinated DDoS attacks. At every turn and behind every hack, Anonymous has used the occasion to remind Joseph Kabila that “Beware. We are watching you,” helping to remind Kabila that the entire world is watching him right now, and that anything short of relinquishing control of Congolese Government back to the people of the Congo will not be tolerated.

Websites Effected Since 11/26/2018:

DRC National Electoral Commission:
Peoples Party for Reconstruction & Development: hxxp://
DRC Ministry of Higher Education: hxxp://minesu.gouv.d

While Joseph Kabila keeps trying to shrug off the attacks and dismiss them as useless, in a press release to the President Anonymous responded by saying that these attacks”are not useless, they are a form of protests – like protesting in the streets.” Rhetorically asking the President if he actually expects the world to just sit idly by and do nothing, explaining that “in the face of oppression and injustice, silence is never a solution.” Lastly, Anonymous closed out the press release stating that:

Many people thinks we are criminals. Are we? Well if helping others, fighting corruption, oppression and fighting terrorists and pedophiles is being a criminal. Then YES, I am a criminal and I am proud of it!

Why do we attack government websites? We attack the sites to support the people of RDC for their fight for freedom. We are against dictatorship and oppressive regimes. We are not criminals. We are freedom fighters!

*** Thanks to all those who are supporting us in our fight for freedom. ***

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

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