Bank Records of Tapiratiba Municipal Town Hall Hacked, Access To 32GB of Data Leaked Online

In news first brought to my attention via Defcon Lab yesterday, December 3rd 2018, two hackers going by the name of “AZR3L“and “Dz3rj1nsky” have announced a major hack/leak tied to the Banco De Daddos Da Prefeitura Municipal De Tapiratiba in Brasil. While the hackers did not disclose everything they’ve uncovered in their initial press release, they did explain that the information provided below contains approximately 32 GB of data, including “financial statements, employee records, federal revenue service, boxes, plans, and hundreds of other documents” tied to town hall officials. The hackers also explained that because of the sheer size and volume of the files contained within the leak itself, it would’ve been too much for them to release at once or host locally themselves. So rather, the hackers decided to leak the file location and credentials necessary for readers to browse through it online, or download directly for themselves. Additionally, to verify the authenticity of the leaks, Arz3L and Dz3rj1nsky have released several screenshots of the leaked material contained within the file on social media.

Full Raw Leak:
File for Download:
Filename: z.rar

Site IP:
Username: w00ted
Password: 1234@w00t

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