Ergo Hacker Leaks Over 250,000 Records from Rio Grande do Sul Municipal Town Hall In Brasil

Earlier today, December 5th 2018, “Ergo Hacker of Pryzraky, Brasil announced a major hack and data leak of the Rio Grande Town Hall in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. In a translated message to the public, Ergo states that the “Data leakage from municipality of Rio Grande contains names, CPF, date and birth of +220,000 people, including over 30,000 vehicles, vehicle plate numbers, makes/models and ownership titles. Additionally, the data contained below “includes sensitive data on local pharmacies, organizations, tourism, schools, teachers and students.” Moreover, Ergo claims to have been able to hack the files attached to the Rio Grande Town Hall website through a misconfigured/unprotected php database which was left open/vulnerable to SQL Injection.

Website Effected: hxxp://
Raw Leak:

File Download 1 (Veiculos/Vehicles):
File Download 2 (Pessoas/People):
File Download 3 (Farmacia/Pharmacies):
File Download 4 (Escola/Schools):

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