Anonymous Cyber Guerrilla Leaks Files from Inside French Ministry of Defense

Earlier this morning, ahead of tomorrows protests, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla announced their second leak of the French Government in the last two days, this time leaking thousands of files/documents from inside the Ministry of Defense. Already today the leaks have changed locations several times, as lobbyists have attempted to delete or scrub the data offline. For the time being they can be accessed hosted at the following locations:

File Leak One:
File Leak Two: http://zerobinqmdqd236y.onion/?8f6c0fc517ba81f8#z6RzImwr5gRO8aydNmzmJFI8MMhcUlPRndUQpu0D6LI=
File Leak Three:
File Leak Four: http://ruqay5morumo3tcg.onion/?38b265a7e7df2606#x66/X5rgUJptQZKKTz+Jl7Vgt7iK/W+aOpO30569QJA=

In a message attached to the hack/leaks, CyberGuerrilla stated that:

We are the rebellion against an authoritarian society, against isolation and competition. We are the rebellion for another social and cultural reality. In the wake of global liberation attempts, the time is ripe for a decisive struggle that would no longer accept the pseudo-natural legitimacy of the system and seriously want to overcome it. We are looking for change for the liberation struggle, for a new way in which we can connect with others.

We will never forget the comrades, we want to especially remember those who decided to give everything in the struggle and died in it. Our memory and our full respect for those whose names we can not name because we do not know them.

We are Autonomen,
We are Ungovernable,
We are Action,
We do not forget our comrades,

Anonymous Anarchist Agency

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