Rudy Giuliani Mistakes Hyperlink from Top Level Indian Domain as A Hack On His Twitter Account

I’m not going to turn this into too serious an article, it just serves as yet another reminder of just how incompetent at least some of our elected officials are when it comes to their job descriptions. For example, on November 15th 2018 I featured a report covering how the head of cyber security for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo admitted that he has “not once used a computer” since he was 25 years old – seriously, that’s a true story. Then again on November 29th 2018 I wrote an Op-Ed briefly discussing how, as of mid-2017, Senator Mark Warner had never heard of the term “botnet” before, despite leading/heading the US Senate Intelligence Committees investigation into Russian hacking.

But without burying the lead any further, earlier this week Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and “Chief Cyber Security Adviser,” Rudy Giuliani, made the embarrassing mistake of not realizing how Twitter, or the internet in general for that matter, fundamentally works. To understand exactly what happened here, you need to read Rudy Giuliani’s Tweet from December 4th 2016 – featured below:

Notice the 1st line above his December 4th Tweet from November 30th, reading “President left for G-20.In July“? This is important to note because .in is actually a top level domain belonging to the country of India, meaning that anyone on the internet can purchase a domain with .in attached to the end of it. This is also exactly what someone decided to do almost immediately after Giuliani sent out that Tweet on November 30th. Noticing Giuliani’s typo, some random person/troll/fool on the internet quickly decided to scoop up and buy the domain “” – which as fate would have it, just happened to be available in 2018. Then, using this domain, the ‘hacker’ set up a website reading “Donald Trump is a traitor to this country.

Therefore, considering that Twitter still does not allow anyone to edit their own Tweets, this created a direct “hyperlink” to which also happens to accidentally appear on Giuliani’s Twitter feed/posting.

Screenshot from

Screengrab from the website

Connecting the dots, this means that by simply exploiting a typo, an opportune hacker/troll was able to make one of Giuliani’s own Tweets connect directly to an anti-Trump website – lulz. However, not actually realizing how the internet works, Giuliani proceeded to start levying false accusations whilst throwing a world-class “hissy fit,” calling Twitter a company of “committed cardcarrying anti-Trumpers” whose service had “allowed someone to invade my (his) text with a disgusting anti-President message.” This of course is absolutely ridiculous, considering that Twitter has no control over Giuliani’s own typo, or the purchasing/registration of domain names, or the establishment of independent websites. But then again, would you actually expect the Commander In Chief’s Chief Cyber Security Adviser to understand how “the internet” works? Didn’t think so, welcome to #America.

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