Anonymous Launches #OpFrance In Solidarity with Yellow Vest Protests Worldwide Tomorrow, December 8th 2018

Tomorrow, December 8th 2018, the #YellowVest movement will launch a massive public demonstration against the Government of Emmanuel Macron, protesting recent tax hikes and policy decisions that the people of France feel they never signed up for when the first voted him into office in May 2017. All week, violent clashes between French protesters and local police gripped have gripped the international viewing public and caught the attention of press organizations around the world. In anticipation of even larger demonstrations tomorrow, there are even rumors currently circling France that Macron is planning to deploy the nations Army to deter/contain potentially hundreds of thousands of protesters.

People in Russia are claiming that this weeks protests represent an attempted “coup” against the Government of Macron. People in the Middle East are saying that the protests symbolize a new “grim reality” facing the downfall of the French Republic, while those on the ground in France maintain that Macron has “brought all of this upon himself.” As one French native told Rogue Media Labs today, these protests are “not a coup, French are asking him to resign because of his incompetence. Poverty has increased, people are working 45 hours a week and struggle to survive. By increasing fuel, doubling the price, he’s threatening the jobs of people who needs their cars to go to work.” Adding that on top of this, Macron is “making it worse for himself, calling protesters lazy while saying that if they are unhappy they should come and get him. Macron started the fire” she says, “and the protests have gone out of control because the French have been angry for a while now. They are determined to fight for their rights, they do not just want to survive, they want to live. Good luck trying to calm them down.

As for the protests and protesters themselves, she recons that despite the violence, they have been a great success. Explaining how protesters “have blocked so many strategic points in the city that the Government is slowly giving in to their requests/demands.” To this effect, just the other day Macron announced that he would be enacting a new delay on the implementation of his proposed fuel tax.

In support of the ongoing national protests, the Anonymous hacker collective has also joined the fight – providing support in their own unique way. Yesterday, December 6th 2018 hackers working under the umbrella of Anonymous CyberGuerrilla manged to hack one of the sub-domains of the French Ministry of Justice, leaking over 1,500 personal contacts of various Ministry administrators. Then again today, CyberGuerrilla released another massive leak of documents tied to the French Ministry of Defense and SHARPSHOOTER Brasil leaked an internal memo from French police outlining their strategy to combat protesters tomorrow. Prior to this hackers around the world launched coordinated DDoS attacks against the Rothchild family of international bankers and Vatican City.

In addition to the hacks, leaks and DDoS attacks, international members of Anonymous have been advertising tomorrows protests as much as possible, using the full weight of their platform to support the people of France and inspire more to join their cause. In a message on social media, in anticipation of tomorrows events, Anonymous has stated that:

People of France

Anonymous has heard your demands and the reply given by your government. Their response clearly shows that the government does not listen, and thinks themselves above you all.

Here are Some of Your Main Demands:

  • A real increase of the SMIC (minimum wage in France) and pensions
    Improving the purchasing power
  • A General decrease of all taxes
  • A reduction of spending from the government
  • Taxes for the rich, like the return of the ISF (old tax for rich population that was suppressed by Macron)
  • Preserving the ecology by regulating the multinational company
  • More employment and more housing

What we’re about to say will change everything:

All of your demands find roots in one single cause: the fact that the system is ruled by one model ; Slave – master : because you are the slave – yes, you heard that right.

Whether you’re rich or poor, in high school or working, unemployed or a business owner, just know that the money which rules this world is nothing less than an illusion designed  design to make you salve to the system. Money does not exist.

When you borrow money in a bank, they create a debt that you will have to reimburse (interest included) while the bank never had the money to begin with. You will continue to pay  it, losing more and more benefit in the process : because even if the money didn’t exist in the first place, you still have to pay it back. And things are that way everywhere.

So you, yellow vest… police officers…. CRS… Wake Up !

It is time that you take the matter into your own hand : share this, and talk about it with your relatives and friends.  But more importantly, invade every single street of France and keep on blocking the economy.

Unity is your best weapon, it’s high time to realize it and unite together.

You are a slave to the system, Why do you think that every members of the government makes millions while you struggle to make ends meat ? It is only because they take advantage of the fact that you are their slaves. The media hide the truth and take advantage of your ignorance.

Wake up, it is time, the wealthier are your master, and you are their slaves.

We are Anonymous, We are legion, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, Expect Us.

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