Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Hackeada by LulzSec Argentina

I normally make it a habit not to report on website defacing’s for a couple reasons. First, because the majority of them are merely faked using cut and paste with Microsoft Paint or Photoshop and second, because the other half of the time that are just HTML pages attached to the URL of an unsecured website lacking an SSL. Very rarely do you ever come across a legitimate or genuine website deface these days, such as was the case today.

This morning, December 7th 2018, “El_Pemax” of LulzSec Argentina defaced the website belonging to La pagina de la Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata (the National University of Mar del Plata), adding a web page under the heading ‘cache’ and using the platform to express that “educators more than any other kind of professionals are the guardians of civilization – lets all support more education and less of the stupid things.” Sharing in their spirit, following release of the news on Twitter, “Anonymous Argentina” and “TeamHackArgentina” came out with a joint press release stating that “it is time to start drawing attention to what we are doing, this country is out of control.

Website Effected: hxxp://mdp.edu.ar
Website Deface: http://www.mdp.edu.ar/cache/

Screen Shot of Deface 12/7/2018:

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