Recap: A Look Inside Today’s National Protests & The Fall Out of #OpFrance Online

Today, as planned, hundreds of thousands of protesters across France took to the streets en masse protesting recent policy decisions, tax hikes and rising poverty rates under the leadership of President Emmanuel Macron. While there were mixed reports as the the “civility” of today’s events, what we do know is that there have been thousands of arrests made, hundreds more severely/critically injured, at least 5 death and untold millions in property property damage all across the country.

Still though, as Martin Luther King junior once said, “riots are the voice of the unheard” and therefore sometimes represent a necessary evil in out society’s – such as was the case in France today. Moreover, as a result of the French crackdown on the rights of legitimate protesters today, there are already rumblings across the internet that next Saturday, December 15th 2018, will host another round of National protests – before this weeks protests have even concluded.

From the hackers side of the world, in conjunction with protesters on the ground, Anonymous also launched #OpFrance – targeting various Government and banking institutions via web attack as a form of protest in its own right. Throughout the course of the day, websites belonging to the French Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Territorial Cohesion, Ministry of Ecological Solidarity and Ministry of Commerce were all confirmed #TangoDown‘ed from various sources via DDoS attack. Other hackers and activists dump online hit lists/targets, while still others tried to hack as many French institutions as possible. Other like myself, just sit back and try to document the situation as accurately as possible.

DDoS Hit List:

Confirmed #TangoDown’s:


Banque France Hit List:
Banque France Email Dump:

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