Juan Darthes Hacked by El Pentax of LulSec Argentina

In response to the alleged sexual assault of a 16 year old actor working along side him on set, Thelma Farden, whom announced just yesterday that she will be pursuing criminal charges against the actor, LulzSec Argentina took the occasion to announce to announce the hack of the website belonging to Juan Darthes. Upon visiting the site, visitors are now greater with a warning message “Noesno, quesehagajusticia…. HackedbyelPentax.” Not only this, but Darthes’s website has been defaced to display a video “No es No” by Alex and Soledad, and his websites header has been replaced to display the same image.

In a posting on social media December 12th 2018, hacker “el Pentax” has claimed responsible for the breach, indicating he was able to penetrate the websites php file database and leak at least some information from it online.

Website Effected: hxxp://juandarthes.com.ar
Information Lifted from Site: https://share.riseup.net/#z6Z-XTxoW3fE1ZbOtdRlQQ


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