UK’s Integrity Initiative Directed by Christopher Donnelly, Funded by Institute for Statecraft, Leaked Documents Show

Last night members of Anonymous CyberGuerrilla published a new batch of leaked files and documents from inside the UK’s hybrid warfare project/programme known as the “Integrity Initiative,” shedding light into the mysterious firm financing it called the “Institute for Statecraft.” Among the dozens of leaked files found below, includes information on the Integrity Initiatives leader, Christopher Donnelly, whom also happens to be a special adviser to the House of Commons Defense Committee inside England, as well as various ‘initiatives’ undertaken by the Institute for Statecraft across various European and Eastern European countries over the years. In part, the documents explain how the Institute for Statecraft pushed support on behalf of the Catalonia riots of 2017 and attempted to launch an aggressive media campaign to incite Ukrainians to fight back against Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 – among many other interesting topics.

In a press release attached to the leak, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla states that:

“Well-coordinated efforts of the Anonymous from all over the world have forced the UK politicians to react to the unacceptable and in fact illegal activity of the British government that uses public money to carry out misinformation campaigns not only in the EU, US and Canada but in the UK as well, in particular campaigns against the Labour party. The Integrity Initiative is now under first official investigation. We promise to give close scrutiny to the investigation that we believe should be conducted honestly, openly and absolutely transparently for the society, rather than become an internal and confidential case of the Foreign Office.

To show our expertise in the investigation as well as to warn the UK government that they must not even try to put it all down to the activity of some charity foundations and public organizations we reveal a part of documents unveiling the true face of The Institute for Statecraft and some information about its leadership.

Indeed, the Integrity Initiative receives its financing from The Institute for Statecraft, a company that very few knew about up until recently. Here is the information that you can get from its official website: its programme has not been updated since late 2017, no data on its employees, no contacts whatsoever, not even an official e-mail, while the source code of its online publications suggests automated uploads of the contents. And here are the documents about The Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative that we are ready to share with you:”

Private report. Reforming the Foreign Office under the supervision of the director of the Institute for Statecraft:
Twitter performance report. The Twitter account was used for the smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn:

Skripal case related documents of the Integrity Initiative and Foreign Office:

Leaving no stone unturned – the list of experts from The Institute for Statecraft:
List of employees who attended a closed-door meeting with the white helmets:

Some invoices:

The Integrity Initiative actual monthly expenditure:

The Institute for Statecraft reporting about its publications:

The Institute for Statecraft’s skill sharing conference plan:

Below, we introduce Director of The Institute for Statecraft. Meet Christopher Donnelly.

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Christopher Donnelly’s passport:
Christopher Donnelly’s CV:
Donnelly’s bid for money from the MoD to handle the government, political parties, journalists, the military etc:

As a Special Adviser on the House of Commons Defence Committee Donnelly triggered an investigation of the Russian threat and lobbied for the following Integrity Initiative cluster members and employees of the Institute for Statecraft to be included as witnesses: James Sherr, Dr Bobo Lo, Peter Pomerantsev, Dr Victor Madeira, John Lough, Ben Nimmo, Keir Giles, Igor Sutyagin, Andrew Monaghan, Ben Nimmo, Françoise Thom, Lilia Shevtsova, Glen Grant, Davi Clark. Of course, he was there as well.

The information is in public domain:

Taking advantage of his administrative position, Donnelly lobbied the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee for an inquiry into Russia’s interference in the Catalan referendum. He invited members of the Integrity Initiative Spain cluster Francisco de Borja Lasheras and Mira Milosevich-Juaristi. At that moment they were receiving funds from the Foreign Office, i.e. the UK intelligence paid its own agents for fake proof of Russia’s interference in the Catalan referendum and later told them to lie to the Parliament to convince it to take anti-Russian steps.

It is also in public domain:
Donnelly’s proposal on Crimea:
Donnelly’s military initiatives:

Donnelly was responsible for inviting the military to seminars:

Donnelly invited officers of Ukrainian special services to the UK. Everything was financed by the MoD:

Josephine Willows, a senior specialist on the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, for some reason had to reconcile the final speech of the Committee chairman with Christopher Donnelly:

Bear in mind that we are talking about the director of a public organization and not about a high-ranking officer of the British intelligence. This is only a part of the documents that we have on Christopher Donnelly. If the investigation into the Integrity Initiative’s illegal activity in the UK turns out to be nothing more than a farce, we will publish more documents proving close connections between Donnelly and UK secret services which he often employs to mislead MPs and bring his agents to meetings of various committees in the House of Commons.

As the scandal in the UK is gaining momentum, it is ever so striking that European leaders and official representatives remain so calm about the Integrity Initiative’s activity in their countries. We remind you that covert clusters made up for political and financial manipulation and controlled by the UK secret services are carrying out London’s secret missions and interfering in domestic affairs of sovereign states right in front of you.

Citizens of Scotland, France and Italy! Here is the information on Integrity Initiative’s activity in your countries:


A Scottish agent’s performance supervised by former MI-6 operative and currently an II specialist, Guy Spindler:
£12,000 that he received for the work:


Extended list of cluster members:

French cluster leader’s contracted article:

Payment for the article:
Another example of a contracted article:
Donnelly’s meetings in Paris:
Johanna Möhring’s meetings in Paris:
Avisa Partners PR Presentation. It receives financing from the UK intelligence:
Its programme:


Italian cluster leader’s report:
Payments for performance in Italy:
Skripal case coverage in Italy:

This is another part of documents that we have on the Integrity Initiative. We do not change the goals of this operation. When we return with the next portion of revelations, names and facts depends on how seriously the UK and EU leaders take our intentions this time.

We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Original Copy of The Leak Found Here:
Backup Locations for Leaked Documents:

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