AnonOps – CyberGuerrilla Announce Joint Data Leak Effecting FBI, CIA, DGSE & MI6

In support of Julian Assanges ongoing legal battle and the spirit in which Wikileaks was founded, researchers working for AnonOps and CyberGuerrilla announced a major leak this morning, implicating major intelligence agencies worldwide. More specifically, the leaks effects the Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US, as well as MI6 in England and the Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure (DGSE) in France. Perhaps most importantly of all, hackers labeled it “Leak 1,” perhaps indicating that this will be part of a much larger campaign with more leaks to come throughout the future.

For now, in the leak provided below, you can find:

  • The contact information of thousands of FBI officials, agents and contractors, including full names, titles, phone numbers and emails.
  • The URL addresses of every major FBI field office across the US, along with each websites IP Address.
  • The location of subdomains, and their IP Addresses, of various CIA and DGSE offices/branches.
  • The personal information of hundreds of French Police officers, including their telephone number, email address, full names and title/rank.

Full Leak (DarkNet): http://3x2h22xxjfjr3ifs.onion/?27e12f36aca6429a#KVqFZMj4nOBG6U2du6/9CifTfM/yUyCBJYuiRhTRwBQ=
Full Leak (ClearNet):

Attached to todays leak, hackers left the following message:

Citizens of the world, you have little time to ACT for your future and freedom. Governments around the world are submitting new laws that threaten to suspend human rights forever. Intelligence agencies are threatening to arrest activists, freedom fighters, peace organizers, hackers and hacktivists all around the world within the next year.

To all activists working for freedom and peace, all hackers who are on the side of internet freedom, all citizens whom do not want to be a slave to their Governments in the future:

Act against them and fight in support of Anonymous and the spirit of Wikileaks. They are threatening to destroy all freedom activists and peace defenders. We have to unite! Take action to free all Anons, to free all activists and to save Anonymous. To free Julian Assange, to save Wikileaks. To save Timothy Justen French, to save James E. Robinson, to free Jeremy Hammond, free Martin Gottesfeld and Matt Dehart.

Save freedom activists for peace and the name of our collective futures.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Always expect us.

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