Nodes Digital Magazine PWNED by Knushh

In a posting on Twitter December 17th 2018, hacker “Knushh” proudly displayed his most recent hack, a complete deface of Nodes Digital Magazine. Upon visiting the website, instead of displaying the most recent cyber news as it was designed, users are greeted with a list of 25 indexes and databases attached to the sites Apache version 2.4.18 web server. Then, once you try clicking on any of the tables listed, you are brought to pages disconfigured and defaced to display the following message:

No automatic alt text available.

Translated into English, this essentially reads “motivated for no other reason than to disfigure – lulz.” It is important to note that it was not just the website’s back end php file destination that was hacked, literally every page affiliated with the website has been hacked and defaced with the same message and image, indicating that the entire website was completely and utterly “pwned” by Knushh. Not only this, but more than 48 hours later now, the website has yet to be fixed or restored back to its previous or original settings, indicating that Knushh was also able to change the websites login credentials to locked out the sites administrators entirely – or they are completely unaware of the incident altogether.

At the present moment in time no databases attached to or affiliated with the site have been leaked online.

Website Effected: hxxp://

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