Scribd Took Down All Leaked Integrity Initiative Documents, So CyberGuerrilla Consolidated Them All In One Place

On December 17th 2018, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla came out with a press release announcing that all of the leaked documents contained in their previous leaks had been taken down by international authorities. However, this does not mean the information was lost. In fact, as a result, CyberGuerrilla has only made it easier for internet viewers to obtain and read all the leaked documents hacked from the UK’s clandestine international propaganda/press operation known as the “Integrity Initiative.” I have also backed up all documents from part 1 of the leak internally myself for anyone interested, but due to time constraints haven’t been able to package parts 2 and 3 internally – yet.

Download all files parts 1-3 of the leaks in a single archive:


Backups of the files can be found individually here:

Moncloa Campaign:

Moncloa Campaign timeline:

Embassy and High Commission contacts for II

The Netherlands:
Serbia and Montenegro:
Cluster roundup:
Integrity Initiative Handbook:
Integrity Initiative Guide to Countering Russian Disinformation May 2018:
Austria Cluster:
Cluster leaders:
Cluster participants:
UK Cluster:
USA and Canada Cluster:
FCO application form 2017-18:
FCO application form 2018v2:
FCO proposal Integrity budget 2017-18:
Integrity 2018 Activity Budget v3:
Top 3 deliverables (for FCO):
Description of the second German cluster supervised by a British expert Harold Elletson, a suspected MI-6 agent:
Elletson’s research (in German) distributed as a manual for the German establishment:
Elletson’s research (in English):
Outline of the research:
Claim for reimbursement:
Cluster breakdown:
Consultancy agreement with Nico de Pedro – a mastermind of campaigns including Moncloa:
Invoice to the Spanish CIDOB research centre from its British supervisors:
Manual for campaigns in Spain:
Fake proof of Russia’s interference in the Catalan independence referendum disseminated among Spanish politicians and Media:


A leading II officer Simon Bracey-Lane’s report about enlisting new cluster members in the Balkans:
Greece cluster enlistment in Thessaloniki:
Contract with the second Greece cluster:
Cluster meeting schedule in Thessaloniki:
Covert meeting of cluster members at Sissy Alonistiotou’s house in Athens:
Cluster report on preparing a desirable reaction to the expulsion of diplomats:
Slide deck of an Estonian lecturer at the cluster meeting in Thessaloniki:
Greece cluster requests for funds from the UK center:
Cluster’s media review of Scripal Case:
2017 cluster breakdown:
Cluster research on the agents of Russian influence in Greece aimed at defaming the leaders of Syriza, Ivan Savvidis and other unwelcome people:
Integrity Initiative leading officer Victor Madeira’s slide deck for Thessaloniki meeting:
Private report. Reforming the Foreign Office under the supervision of the director of the Institute for Statecraft:
Twitter performance report. The Twitter account was used for the smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn:

Skripal case-related documents of the Integrity Initiative and Foreign Office:–gmc/stephen-donald-lewis-davies–gmc.pdf

Leaving no stone unturned – the list of experts from The Institute for Statecraft:
List of employees who attended a closed-door meeting with the white helmets:

Some invoices:

The Integrity Initiative actual monthly expenditure:

The Institute for Statecraft reporting about its publications:–19-04-2016/00-impact-assessment–19-04-2016.pdf

The Institute for Statecraft’s skill sharing conference plan:
Christopher Donnelly’s passport:
Christopher Donnelly’s CV:
Donnelly’s bid for money from the MoD to handle the government, political parties, journalists, the military etc:
Donnelly’s proposal on Crimea:
Donnelly’s military initiatives:
Donnelly was responsible for inviting the military to seminars:

Donnelly invited officers of Ukrainian special services to the UK. Everything was financed by the MoD:


A Scottish agent’s performance supervised by former MI-6 operative and currently an II specialist, Guy Spindler:
£12,000 that he received for the work:


Extended list of cluster members:
French cluster leader’s contracted article:
Payment for the article:
Another example of a contracted article:
Donnelly’s meetings in Paris:–bxl-may-2016-v2/cnd-paris–bxl-may-2016-v2.pdf
Johanna Möhring’s meetings in Paris:
Avisa Partners PR Presentation. It receives financing from the UK intelligence:
Its programme:


Italian cluster leader’s report:
Payments for performance in Italy:
Skripal case coverage in Italy:

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