Psoe Burgos Political Party, Spanish Chamber of Commerce & Many Others Hacked by Anonymous Espana, Databases Leaked Online

Last night “Anonymous Espana” announced the hack, leak and defacement of several websites across Spain. The cyber attacks appear to have been conducted through a combined/ collective effort of several groups and individuals, including Anonymous CyberGuerrilla and “Anon_cat.” As for the motivation behind them, look no further than #OpCatalonia – one the single largest Anonymous operations across Europe dating back to the Catalonian secession vote of 2017.

In a posting made available through Twitter on December 20th, Anonymous Espana announced the hack of 5 websites, including Psoe Burgos, a Spanish based Socialist political party, COAATMU, a Spanish tech university, the Forest Science Centre of Catalonia, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Abogados MMB, an international law firm based in Spain. Not only were all of these website hacked, but each of them had their online databases breached, downloaded and deleted. Anon_cat also managed to deface Psoe Burgos’ website, replacing their front page with the Anonymous logo and a message reading “HACKED BY ANONYMOUS. ALL OF YOUR DATA HAS BEEN DELETED.” As of midnight 1:00 am EST the deface of the website had remained standing for nearly 10 hours at that point, but by 9:00 am the website appears to have been restored to its original version.

Websites Hit:


Databases Leaked:

Psoe Burgos (17.1 KB):
COAATMU (3.08 MB):
Forest Science Centre of Catalonia (3.03 MB):
Spanish Chamber of Commerce (461.5 KB):
Abogados MMB (6.96 KB):


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