Anonymous Launches New Wave of Attacks Against DRC After Kabila Postpones National Elections – Again

Yesterday the “Democratic” Republic of the Congo was supposed to hold national elections, more than 25 months after they were originally supposed to hold National elections on November 16th 2016. However, today a just as it was before, President/Dictator Joseph Kabila has pushed back election the election date, again, allegedly rescheduling them for December 30th 2018 – though that does still remain to be see.

In response, not only have thousands of protesters taken to the streets in National protests across the DRC today, but Anonymous hackers working in conjunction with #OpCongo have aslo begun launching a new wave of cyber attacks against Kabila’s corrupted Government. According to Amnesty International, “at least 300 people have been killed by security forces in protests on the delayed elections,” hundreds more injured and thousands arrested. Human rights organizations around the world are calling on Kabila’s government to exercise restraint when dealing with this weeks protesters, reminding them that it is their right to peaceably assemble – especially in light of recent events inside the country.

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