Citizens Count Caught Censoring Online Political Commentary

** UPDATE: Citizens Count did re-instate my first comment back on their page this morning **

If you’ve read my biography under the editors section here on this website you would see that I included a sentence or two about being a featured author on the New Hampshire based political website Citizens Count, formerly known as The Live Free or Die Alliance. Admittedly, after attempting to flee the country and move to the Bahamas this April, I hadn’t checked in lately. But today I decided to stop by and post my first comment in nearly 8 months, only to have it immediately deleted off the web page entirely.

Interestingly enough, I couldn’t help but notice that Citizens Count has also had their official Facebook verification badge removed/revoked since the last time I visited, suspected because of this very behavior. In retrospect, it was probably even a worse idea to delete my comment, the comment of a verified news website owner, because now I am going to throw a mini ‘hissy fit‘ about it and start writing a story about it. If they are lucky, I may even pay to boost it throughout New Hampshire – lulz.

While the message has since been deleted, I had wrote about why I stepped away from the website for so long. Explaining that I was forced to apply for political asylum in two countries after being endlessly persecuted by liberal extremists and corrupt police officers in Henniker, NH. Adding that I am now more focused than ever because of the experience, and now have every intention of coming for every single one of these peoples jobs in the future. If Citizens Count has any doubts as to the validity of my statements, I invite them to ask the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. In written statements on record, under penalty of perjury, I was willing to testify how the Henniker Police force was a corrupt and nepotists police department, full of officers whom refused to do their jobs or arrest people if it involved personal friends or family – statements I also re-affirmed with International Police in Lyon, France, also on record, earlier this summer.

The sad thing is that The Live Free or Die Alliance started out with intentions of being an open source community of citizens working together to resolve important political issues and debates out in the open – at one point they even offered to have me help build their online forums. However, years after the fact, after a new change of name, logo and direction, it seems clear that the website has only succumbed to the same political partisanship that has destroyed civil dialogue in this country for the better part of the last two years, and the website is now run by liberal activists simply trying to make other liberals seem more important or in charge of all political dialect – including the immediate deletion of my comment simply for being critical of NH Democrats. Such a shame.

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