Rogue Media Labs Year In Review

While I just started Rogue Media Labs on October 20th 2018, my brief time as Editor-In-Chief has seen a number of small successes. Not only has Google accepted my inclusion into their news index, but Facebook has officially verified my account and approved my page to run/advertise political content ahead of the 2019 EU election season and into the 2020 US Presidential election. Additionally, as a result of my work online I have also been extended an open position to submit work to the award winning Italian based cyber security blog Security Affairs.

Other Notes & Statistics:

  • From month 1 to 2, Rogue Media Labs increased individual article reads by 607%
  • From month 2 to 3, Rogue Media Labs increased individual article reads by 612%
  • From month 1 to 2, Rogue Media Labs increased unique site visitors by 318%
  • From month 2 to 3, Rogue Media Labs increased unique site visitors by another 899%
  • Google News & Facebook verification algorithms have boosted site traffic by 558%
  • Rogue Media Labs has published 172 articles to date, including this one.
  • Over the last 71 days I have received unique visitors/internet traffic from 124 different countries around the world – which is saying something considering I’ve banned Tor traffic the entire time.
  • In order, the United States, Brasil, France, UK and Mexico have generated the most amount of traffic to my website, followed by India, Peru and Spain.
  • To date, Rogue Security Labs has absorbed 2,337 Web Application and/or Brute Force Attacks, primarily originating out of Israel and Ukraine.
  • Rogue Security Labs has blocked 47 followers on Twitter, or 18.3% of anyone whom has attempted to follow me – primarily corporate executives and/or Government employees.

Top 10 Most Read Articles All Time – To Date:

1.) Anonymous Launches #OpIcarus 2.0:
2.) Brasilian Based Cloud Storage & IT Solutions Firm Tivit Compromised by Massive Data Breach:
3.) Connecting The Online Hacking World – The Ultimate Anonymous Handbook:
4.) AnonOps – CyberGuerrilla Announce Joint Data Leak Effecting FBI, CIA, DGSE & MI6:
5.) Ghost Squad Hackers Leak Terror Identities Online:
6.) Central Bank of The Bahamas Crashed for +28 Hours by SHIZEN:
7.) Op-Ed: Dropping The Metaphorical Mother of All Bombs, Blowing Up the US’s Historical War Strategy for Afghanistan:
8.) Government of Sudan Shuts Down National Internet Access, So Anonymous Shuts Down The Government:
9.) San Jose State University Hacked, French National Police/DynDNS/Internet Brasil Downed by Shizen:
10.) Hundreds of French Police Officers Doxxed by Anonymous In Retaliation for Crimes/Brutality Against Protesters This Weekend:

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Owner: Rogue Security Labs
Editor: Rogue Media Labs

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