Sudan Ministry of Defense Hacked by Sudan Cyber Army, Site Database Leaked Online

Just a few hours ago, December 28th 2018, the Sudan Cyber Army announced a hack of the Sudan Ministry of National Defense, managing to hack the site, steal administrator credentials and download the contents of its databases offline – 53.3 MB of data to be exact. While not much is known about the group, what we do know is that their their actions were carried out on behalf of #OpSudan, an international protest of Omar al-Bashir’s Government following his decision to restrict national internet access and block social media applications to deter protests from growing larger last week, December 19th 2018.

In a message attached to the leak, hackers stated that “The Sudanese Hackers’ Army calls for an urgent response to the appeal of the Sudanese Mujahideen Rally for the Intifada on December 31st at 1:00 pm in the Arab market (Chinese Qandul). Kono is on time. The country is waiting for you there.” Jokingly adding “From Sudan with Love, Keyboards Instead of Guns, Shellcode Instead of Bullets.

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At this time it remains unclear if the hackers worked in conjunction with “M1rox” of Ghost Squad Hackers, whom announced a prolonged DDoS attack against the Ministries website yesterday, December 27th 2018. Though if I had to guess, I would assume both were separate instances. 

Interestingly enough, browsing through the identities of some of the Ministry’s website administrators leaked online revealed several .ru domains from Russia – indicating that Russian actors are involved within the framework of the Sudanese Defense Ministry on some level – though the exact extent to which remains unknown. Rogue Media Labs has reached out to the group for interview, but as of Friday evening have yet to hear back.

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Website Hit: hxxp://
Raw Leak:
Database Download (53.3 MB):!xxFF2ABQ!DuDpFFnBgWmtI8fU-1YYFKfErUCD7Pi4IPLRFk7Cmgg

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