Warriors Crew Hacked & Defaced 7 Websites Belonging To The Governments of Peru & Brasil This Weekend

This weekend the Brasilian based hacking group known as “Warriors Crew” announced a hack of 7 Governmental website across Peru and Brasil, managing to deface each and every single one of them. While the hacks were originally carried out throughout the course of December 29th and 30th 2018, at the time of this article in the evening hours of December 31st every single one of the websites has yet to be restored and still remain in their defaced condition – perhaps indicating that hackers were able to change the sites login credentials to lock out its administrators.

Not only were the sites defaced, but hackers also managed to edit the sites SEO meta description to read “We come to fight for our people! The corruption of rulers almost always begins with the corruption of their principles. Corruption is not a Brazilian invention, but impunity is a thing of our own.” If you search for any one of the websites below on Google for example, that is the description you will read about each agency/city – lulz. Among the websites targeted include iNET Peru, an IT infrastructure service integrator operating on behalf of the Peruvian Government, the municipal websites of Nova Olinda and White Rock, Brasil, along with their chambers of commerce, as well as the City Halls of Ibiara and Obidos, Brasil.

Press Release: https://ghostbin.com/paste/cg8qb

Websites Targeted/Defaced:

Alvo 1: http://www.oosaludaltomayo.gob.pe/Warriors.html
Alvo 2: http://pedrabranca.pb.gov.br/
Alvo 3: http://novaolinda.pb.gov.br/
Alvo 4: http://camaranovaolinda.pb.gov.br/
Alvo 5: http://camaraibiara.pb.gov.br/
Alvo 6: http://camarapedrabranca.pb.gov.br/
Alvo 7: http://www.obidos.pa.gov.br/?page=prefeitura/vice_prefeito


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