Github Servers Were Taken Down Globally Today

In the early hours of the afternoon January 2nd 2018, Github servers were periodically taken offline for short periods of time – with various service outages reported globally. While the attacks were short lived, for the better part of an hour and a half between 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, remained inaccessible to the international public. A popular source for open source hacking tools, vulnerabilities and exploits, the site is no stranger to hackers, but rarely does it ever get taken offline – which is what makes today’s attacks so newsworthy.

In a posting to their Twitter page Wednesday afternoon, “Hax Stroke” of Ghost Squad Hackers has claimed responsibility for the attack and subsequent outage. In a breif statement to Rogue Media Labs, Hax Stroke stated that the DDoS attack were “just a little demo” of a much larger project, explaining that he does not want to be famous and that “the attack was made with RPCBIND service DDoS amp.” Similarly, Hax Stroke was also internationally credited for a DDoS attack which took down YouTube servers worldwide on October 17th 2018. Rogue Media Labs has reached out to Github support for comment, but at the time of this article Thursday morning have yet to receive comment.

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