Portal da Prefeitura de Assis SP Hacked by Backbone Squad, 74 Administrator Login Credentials Dumped Online

Backbone Squad” has announced a hack and leak of the official web portal of the City of Assis SP, a digital services, online news, transparency and electronic government watchdog office operating out of Assis, Brasil. In a data dump made available through the Ghostbin web service earlier today, January 5th 2019, the hackers released the login usernames and password of 74 website administrators, granting 3rd party access to 4 site databases containing 41 data folders.

Using the login information provided, hackers can theoretically access all of the sites audio and video files, email subscriber lists and all of the sites online news publications/releases – in addition to much more. For example, you can also find personally identifiable information on website administrators, including their personal email addresses and identification numbers. Perhaps most importantly, given that the hack was carried out just a few hours ago, and it appears as though the hackers have made no attempt to warn or notify town officials implicated in the leak, it is fairly safe to say that the hacked login information will remain live/operational for at least a short time.

Target: hxxp://www.assis.sp.gov.br
Leaked Data: https://ghostbin.com/paste/8y247

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