Ecuadorian Burger King Databases Hacked by Take Down Root, +155,000 Clients Effected

In news first brought to my attention via Defcon Lab, a hacking group going by the name of “Take Down Root” has claimed responsibility for a massive hack of Burger King, effecting franchise chains throughout the country of Ecuador. In a posting on, an underground social media aggregator similar in many ways to Facebook, the group announced that have successfully hacked the data of well over 150,000 clients belonging to fast food chains online web portals.

According to the hackers, they managed to steal approximately 4.1 Gigabytes (GB) of data attached to a MongoDB web server hosted by in Scottsdale, Arizona – apparently where the franchise choose to host their data. All told, approximately 155,645 customers throughout Ecuador were effected, revealing information such as their unique identification numbers, full names, passwords and email addresses.

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While the hackers declined to publicly release the data of each and every client effected, they did release screen shots from their activity whilst inside the database, as well as a small sample of 1,000 clients through the Pastebin web service.

Server IP:
Data Leak of 1,000 Clients:

Screen Shot from Inside Database:

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