Survey: Despite Buying Smart Devices, 80% of Customers Claim Not To Trust Any Internet Connected Devices

Earlier this week, funded by BlackBerry, researchers working at Atomic Research released the result of a new study designed to gauge the public’s level of trust in the devices they purchase, as well as what their levels of expectation were for the regulation of data security and privacy as it relates to the internet connected devices or products they buy. Conducted throughout the early half of December 2018, researchers interviewed approximately 4,100 individuals across three countries – the United States, United Kingdom and Canada – revealing that:

  • 80% say they do not trust their current internet connected smart devices to secure their data or privacy
  • 84% said they would be more likely to buy a product based on their historic reputations for protecting data/privacy
  • 82% of respondents said they would embrace the adoption of a set of industry standards regulating the data privacy industry, requiring devices to be certified before being released to the public
  • 25% of respondents stated that they trusted their own in car AI from Google more than any other, followed by Siri (19%) and Alexa (16%)
  • 67% of respondents stated they would pay more for a car if they knew it offered more secure software than a competitor
  • 58% said they would pay more for Internet of Thing (IoT) devices if they offered built in security
  • On average, 20% of respondents said they would pay up to 10% more for any product for the piece of mind knowing it was more secure
  • 36% of respondents claim to have no knowledge whatsoever of any industry standards or security certifications when it comes to data security

Results from study:

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