Space-Mail/OnSpace Tecnologia Ltd Servers Hacked, 56.4 GB of Data Stolen by TakeDownRoot

In a posting to their minds account earlier this week, a hacker going by the name of  “Take Down Root” announced a hack and data leak effecting OnSpace Tecnologia Ltd, a Brasilian based online marketing firm designed to help businesses develop more successful email advertising campaigns, promotions and strategies. According to the hacker themselves, approximately 56.4 Gigabytes (GB) of data was stolen off a mis-configured server owned by Linode Cloud Hosting Service in Dallas, Texas.

In two leaks posted to the Pastebin web service, Take Down Root released the email addresses and pins/account numbers of well over over 350 Space-mail account owners, along with the location of unique IP addresses of over 200 more.

Official Website:
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Data Leak 1:
Data Leak 2:

Screen Shot from Hack:

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