Protect Fort of São José do Rio Preto & Retro Fashion Brasil Hacked by Backbone Squad, Site Databases Leaked Online

On January 17th 2019, “Backbone Squad” announced the hack and leak of two websites. The first effected the website of Protect Fort, Basil, an online electronic security store and solutions provider. The second targeted Retro Fashion, Brasil, an online market place specializing in high end fashion products and accessories.

Protect Fort Hack/Leak:

In a leak comprising of 2,402 lines, among other things, hackers were able to post the email addresses of 214 customers of the website. Additionally, while they did not post the entirety of it all, the hackers did mirror the contents of various file folders containing the personal information, including email addresses, ID numbers and phone numbers of 255 executive clients of the website. The websites of 82 business partners associated with or operating under Protect Fort were also posted in the dump, along with server logs and a whole host of additional information.

In a message attached to the hack, Backbone Squad stated that “There are humans who do not deserve to be saved. But there are also humans who simply do not know the power of light, and end up succumbing to the greed of darkness. Everything is a matter of choice. Not everything a person imagines turns out the way they hoped. What is below, is above, as well as what is above, is below. Everything is a duality. Everything is binary, Just 0’s and 1’s endlessly scattered.

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Retro Fashion Hack/Leak:

The leak of Retro Fashion Brasil included information such as sub-domains of the website, the user names and hashed passwords of 163 site administrators, as well as the CPF numbers, email addresses and passwords of 40 customers. While the entirety of the data was not dumped online, hackers also mirrored the folders of files containing the emails and passwords of 150 more clients, as well as the sites download folder and much more.

Alvo: hxxp://
Raw Data:

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