Universidad de Murcia Hacked, Site Administrators & Faculty/Staff Compromised by Data Leak

Earlier this morning, January 18th 2019, “Akem The God” announced a hack of the University of Murcia in Spain, his second such hack/leak of a major university in the last 24 hours. While the information leaked via Ghostbin was a but jumbled and disorganized, it appears as though the hacker was able to nab the names, personal email addresses, phone numbers and campus ID numbers of various faculty and staff, along with the department/curriculum they serve under. Akem also managed to leak the login username and password of 4 website administrators, theoretically granting anyone access to the backed of the website.

However, it must be noted that since Akem tagged the University in the hack/leak, it is unlikely the login credentials will be active for much longer – if they haven’t been changed or updated already.

Target: hxxps://um.es/
Data Leak: https://ghostbin.com/paste/tk55w



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