Online Training Platform TDS Technology Brasil Hacked, Data of 186 Account Holders Leaked Online

Earlier this morning, January 19th 2019, an Indonesian based hacker going by the name of “Al1ne3737” announced a hack of TDS Technologies in Brasil, leaking the account information of 186 customers – including their emails and passwords. While it is unknown how many of the accounts listed below are paid accounts, the website is almost exclusively used as a learning center – connecting students to paid online courses/tutorials covering various professional services/topics, such as webmaster training, CISCO Systems certification, Oracle training, various Microsoft Windows related certifications and much more. Theoretically then, the logins provided below could be used to pirate various courses on these subjects, as well as to gain access to the payment information provided by their customers.

While not much is known about Al1ne3737, what we do know is that they joined Twitter late in December 2019 and have been using the platform to post mirrors of various international website defaces ever since, though primarily over the course of the last week. Their release this morning is the first such leak posted to their online account. To confirm the legitimacy of the leaks, Rogue Media Labs attempted to make contact with the company via their built in web chat, but after waiting 15 minutes never received a reply back from representatives.

Alvo: hxxp://
Raw Leak:
Login Page: hxxp://

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