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Now entering into my 4th month of existence here at Rogue Media Labs, I’ve been trying to think of new ways to keep growing my product/brand and get more people involved or engaged. To this end, I’ve decided to bring back an online chatroom attached to the traffic my website generates, hoping to connect more people to one another and introduce new or interested parties to the world of cyber security, underground hacking and international espionage.

I’ve also been quitely working behind the scenes on a major business deal to acquire AnonHQ’s domain name and Facebook page, hoping to eventually merge them under the umbrella of Rogue Security Labs – using their platform with my professionalism to bring my site and it’s content to new levels. At the present moment in time we are only engaged in preliminary talks, stay tuned for developments. On a side note, I had spoken to the owners of The Hacker News about acquiring their domain and social pages for similar reasons, but after being told it would cost greater than $2 million dollars to do so, decided that route was far too rich for my blood.

As for why I’ve decided to start a new chat here today, it’s because these sorts of things are how I got started in this business in the first place. Moderating and building online/Anonymous chatrooms/forums is what first made me (in)famous in the first place, and I wouldn’t be near the same writer, publisher or producer I am today without them. Quite frankly, I also look forward to the challenge of building a new successful one here for this website headed into the future. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve seen first hand the types of impact/change these chatrooms can have. I’ve seen how just a little organization and dedication/effort can literally change people’s worlds. From the Anonymous Intelligence Agency to #OpISIS and #OpAfrica and others, chatrooms offer the perfect platform to bring a diverse group of people together, train/equip them to be better activists in the future, and share knowledge/resources with others around the world – making everyone involved in the exchange better and more educated for it. For example, Rogue Media Labs got traffic from 124 different countries around the world in the month of December 2018 alone, all with Tor traffic/nodes blocked. Could you imagine if people from 124 different countries all got together and started sharing with one another in one place? That would be revolutionary!

Together, I believe we can all change the world and make it a more enlightened place. I’ve seen it happen before, and hope to replicate it here again. This is my ultimate goal for the Rogue Labs Anonymous Chat, to bring enough diverse and talented people together to bring about positive change/development in this world. Hope to see you there one day.

Join Chat Here:

For the time being, the chat offers a main/general chatroom with various channels and resources attached to it, such as reading rooms for the latest leaks and international headline news, along with a live tip room for reporting crimes, suspicious activity or terrorist related activity online, along with a section on security tutorials, resources and advice. I will continue building the chat over the coming days/weeks, possibly making the switch over to chatbox in the near future. Hope you will join me as we begin this new adventure together.

~ Brian Dunn

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