Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura & 5 Public University’s Across Spain Hacked by Akem, 34 Pages Worth of Data Leaked Online

Earlier this morning, January 22nd 2019, a hacker going by the name of “Akem the God” of “Pryzraky“” announced a massive data leak following the hack of 5 universities across Spain, as well as the Labor City of Culture Club – an online web portal connecting the public to different pop culture events, fine arts exhibitions and much more. Exposed in the leak of The Labor City Culture Club is sensitive information tied to the websites clients, including their full names, email addresses and full account passwords – granting full access to whatever information those users have added/uploaded about themselves on their accounts.

Exposed in the leak tied to the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena are the titles, departments, email addresses and full passwords of university professors and staff members, granting full access to each of their online accounts. The hack/leak of the Universidad de Alicante reveals mirrored file folders contained within databases attached to the sites back end. The hack/leak of the Universidad de Murcia reveals information such as staff emails, telephone numbers and full login credentials, granting administrator level access to the websites back end. The hack/leak of the Universidad de Extremadura reveals the full names and email addresses of various university faculty and staff and lastly, the final leak of Universidad de Málaga revealed information on hundreds of students and staff members, including their full names, email addresses and user names, as well as the mirrored location of various file folders contained within the universities online databases.

** Please note that some of the information contained in today’s leaks were previously published by Rogue Media Labs on January 17th and 18th 2019, following the hack of the University of Malaga and Murica by Akem The God **

Read More – University of Malaga Hack:
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Universidad de Málaga (UMA): hxxps://
Universidad de Extremadura (UEX): hxxps://
Universidad de Murcia (UM): hxxps://
Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT): hxxps://
Universidad de Alicante (UA): hxxps://
Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura: hxxp://

Raw Data Leak:

Browse Through Full Leak:

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