Supermarket Value Network & ROGS Real Estate Services Hacked by Cyber S4g3

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This weekend a hacker going by the name of “Cyber S4g3” of the Brasilian based hacking group known as “Backbone Squad” announced the hack and leak of two international corporations, the Supermarket Value Network of Brasil and ROGS Real Estate Services in Portugal.

The first leak of Supermarket Value Network contains over 1,400 lines, comprising of various information including files, order invoices, inventory reports, written statements from corporate executives and much more. The second leak of ROGS Real Estate Services contains the mirrored location of file folders contained within two MySQL version 5.0.12 databases, containing information such as client email addresses and login information. In addition to posting the mirror of file folders, Cyber S4g3 also released the login user name and password of two site administrators, theoretically granting public access to the back-end of the website.

In a message attached to the first hack, Cyber S4g3 released the following:

Here is a beautiful question: How long do we stand by watching our TV’s report that our leaders are just shitting on humanity?

There is no salvation for something that has already been developed to be enslaved. It is not my fault, nor the rest of humanity. It is the fault of those who hold the arbitrary and totalitarian control over the means of communication, the means of production, and the means to distribute it to the masses.

Let’s not watch the entire Apocalypse Machine with our head down. This is only the beginning of a revolt that will not soon end. You’ve simultaneously created the disease while trying to sell the cure. We will not stop resisting until we find a way to overthrow everything that you hold so dear.

Website: hxxp://
Raw Data Leak:

In a message attached to the second hack, Cyber S4g3 released the following:

There are some human beings who’ve merely chosen to keep their minds wrapped around a world of fantasies, however immature that may be. There are yet other human beings who simply want to exterminate this fantasy world by proving that the Matrix is ​​failing, just like everyone else. We’re watching! All that is above, is below, as well as that which is below, is above. All just 0’s and 1’s scattered in all directions.

Website: hxxp://
Raw Data Leak:

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