Venezuelan Ministerio de Hacienda Hacked by Akem, Site Database Available for Download

This past weekend “Akem The God” of “Pryzraky” claimed credit for a hack of the website belonging to Venezuela’s Secretary of Finance and Finance, leaking the entirety of its databases/contents online. While not much is known about the hack or how it was pulled off, what we do know is that it does not appear to be related to a much broader initiative going by the name of #OpVenezuala – largely being spearheaded by the Anonymous hacker collective. Instead, the hack and subsequent leak simply appears to be the random act of vigilante hacker against a corrupt state agency.

Due to my current limitations, I haven’t been able to unzip the file personally, but do know that it contains 4.95 Megabytes (MB) worth of data. However, given that their file uploading service of choice, Mega Uploads, is often prone to catering to the will/demands of international law enforcement authorities, there is also no telling how much longer the file will remain online/activity. Rogue Media Labs has reached out to Akem advising them to backup the file via and for a statement on the leaked material contained within it, but as of the morning of January 23rd 2019 have yet to hear back.

Target: hxxp://
Full Database Download (4.95 MB):

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