Partido Democrático Traballhista (PDT) Hacked by Etico Kartovy, Account Credentials of 19 Party Politicians Leaked Online

Earlier this morning, January 23rd 2019, an independent hacker going by the name of “Etico Kartovy” announced a hack and data leak effecting the Democratic Labor Party (PDT) of Brasil. Included in the leaked data provided below are the login email addresses, usernames and passwords of 4 site administrators, granting full access to databases tied to the websites back-end, as well as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on 19 high profile politicians belonging to the Party. This includes information such as the politicians personal email addresses, telephone numbers, user names and encrypted passwords used to log into their official accounts through the PDT web portal – providing direct access to any/all information they have uploaded or transmitted there.

It remains unclear is this hack was politically motivated or carried out as the random act of a vigilante hacker. What we do know is that Etico Kartovy says he is not finished, and that a much larger leak from the party is expected in the near future. In his Tweet first announcing the leak he even said as much, stating “wait for more, still not finished” – while inviting some of his online friends to join him in the festivities. This is also the second such large scale hack/leak effecting Brasilian political parties over recent months, adding to a comprehensive hack/leak of the Republican Party of Brasil on November 24th 2018.

Democratic Labor Party of Brasil: hxxp://
Raw Data Leak:

Admin Credentials Leak:

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Politicians Leak:

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Backup of Leak from Republican Party 11/24/2018:

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Full Story of Republican Party Hack:

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