Associação dos Proprietários Oficiais e Profissionais de Farmácia do Estado de São Paulo Hacked by Darkness Ghost

On January 22nd 2019, a Brasilian hacker going by the name of “Darkness Ghost” claimed responsibility for a hack of the website belonging to the Association of Official Owners and Professionals of Pharmacy of the State of São Paulo, Brasil. Through the leaked information provided below, you can gain administrator level access to the php file system structure of the associations website, giving you full control over all of the sites data/content.

Website: hxxp://
Raw Data Dump:
Admin Login: http: // www.


USERNAME: ab2igmzom
PASSWORD: d83fb66b7ba8e382507ebba6bc83b18e

USERNAME: aprofar402
PASSWORD: 545a4d42c0fb5ad4c68f81fbe4016ed3

COMPANY ASSOCIATES EMAIL : PASSWORD : capeta : ab2igmzom : 5cca4d2119a21964cab59b91670d970f : lkdx27